Fit Within's Business Growth Program


8-Week Outline

  • 1.
    A Foundation for Growth
  • 2.
    Adopting a Growth Mindset
  • 3.
    Developing Growth Behaviors
  • 4.
    Leading Growth
  • 5.
    Identifying Stakeholders
  • 6.
    Developing a Strategy for Growth
  • 7.
    Effectively Engaging Talent
  • 8.
    Elements of Successful Execution
  • 9.
    Craft Your Complete Vision for Growth

8-Week Business Growth Experience

$99 USD/ $119 CAD Purchase

What’s Included

8 Weeks of online
coaching & guidance

Receive weekly videos from Cindy & Craig, two successful entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to empowering other leaders.

Exercises to
help you generate growth

Dive deep into our Five-Step Model for Transformational Growth to create a compelling future vision for your company, and understand the steps you will need to take to turn that vision into reality.

A supportive professional community

Join a small, online group of growth-minded leaders going through this experience alongside you, giving you a safe space to share and grow together.

Growth Journal

This journal was created specifically to complement this experience, guiding you through every step of the 8-week program.

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