Fit Within's Foundational Growth Program


8-Week Outline

  • 0.
    Time to get ‘Fit Within!’
  • 1.
    Live Above the Line
  • 2.
    Strength & Resilience
  • 3.
    Empowering Purpose & Talents
  • 4.
    Practicing Mindfulness
  • 5.
    The Power of Gratitude
  • 6.
    Revealing Your Inner Judge
  • 7.
    Part II: Reflection Questions
  • 7.
    Power Statements
  • 8.
    Becoming Fit Within
  • 9.
    Taking the Next Step

You have until 12/31/69 to complete this experience.

8-Week Foundational Growth Experience

$99 USD/ $119 CAD Purchase

What’s Included

8 Weeks of online
coaching & guidance

Receive weekly videos from Cindy & Craig that will walk you through every step of this journey.

Exercises to
help you grow

These weekly self-reflection exercises will help you live with purpose and reach your full potential.

A tight-knit
supportive community

Join a small, online group of people going through this experience alongside you, giving you a safe space to share and grow together.

Growth Journal

This 132-page journal was created specifically to complement this experience, walking you through each week of this life-changing journey.

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